Monday 27th July
60th Wedding Anniversary - No party or anything due to corona-19

Monday 20th July
New neighbours arriving today and the weather is certainly good for them. It's so hot I'm looking to try to get a radiator cooling fan off a car to try to keep the polycrub cool. The door and window both open but one corner of the polycrub is registering 40 degrees just now.
Tried and failed to remove the cover to get at the fan so now it's time to get technical. Obviously a big hammer and chisel job.

Tuesday 14th to Sunday 19th July
Mainly gardening but then at the weekend we had six rapid power failures which has screwed up uploading of ais data and left me not sure what is happening. I can see the unit is processing data and I can see it on my network but it will not let me connect as normal to switch on the upload.

Moday 13th July
78th Birthday but due to the current problems we all have there was no party or celebration this year

Sunday 12th July
On my way to put out food for a hedgehog at a neigbours property in the late evening I spent almost 2 minutes watching a hen harrier patroling down below my vantage point. Kept thinking that it will have gone before I can take out my phone to take a photo or video, so of course there would have been plenty of time if I had done so.

Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th July
Still gardening and apart from odd change to webcam views

Wednesday 8th July
Nice sunny day so after clearing jobs in the garden it was up on the roof to sort out the webcam. The cable was faulty in two places but after cutting back it was just long enough to be of use. Not cheap thin coaxial but RG213U cable which is about as thick as my thumb and not the stuff you normally have bother with. Still it's working again so back to tackle some of the other jobs that are mounting up, or maybe just have another coffee.

Sunday 5th to Tuesday 7th July
Gardening for these two days though the webcam needed attending to as the quality had deteriorated badly after a bad squall.
A very quick check found the self amalgamating tape around a connector appeared to have been burnt but weather not suitable for working on the roof

Saturday 4th July
20 minutes in the greenhouse first thing and then decided to either fit 2nd webcam on roof or fit guy wires to the existing camera. I decided on the guy wires but only got two roughly fitted when the rain arrived, so it's back to the polycrub until I see some sunshine to tempt me outdoors again.

Wednesday 1st - Friday 3rd July

Still gardening and apart from odd change to webcam views I haven't touched the computer