Sunday 28th to Tuesday 30th June
Still gardening and apart from odd change to webcam views I haven't touched the computer

Saturday 27th June
09:00 - Foggy start to the morning with rolls of thunder in the distance which are slowly getting closer. Should really change over to one of the spare and cheaper routers just in case but feeling too lazy.

Wednesday 17th to Friday 26th June
More gardening but now joined by Pat who has done the weeding which has been a great help.
Only time in workshop during this perioid is just a couple of times in the morning to follow the ferry out to Graemsay with the webcam for someone who wanted to make a rrecording on a sunny morning.

Tuesday 16th June
Mainly a gardening day apart from replacing a connection on the roof for the main camera and applying amalgamating tape to the joint.

Monday 15th JUne
Mostly gardening again though a little time to change the webcam settings - must get round to reading the manual on the camera to see if it's possible to switch off the auto-focus which is annoying.
Went on the amazon site to do some regular ordering only to find that the first three items had risen in price by quite a large percentage. The Tassimo latte coffee which is the only one that Pat drinks had gone up from £18 to £24 a box since the last order five weeks ago
I drink far more coffee than Pat but a quick check found that I have enough Tassimo coffee pods for about 260 cups of coffee before we swap machines.

Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th June
Gardening every day

Tuesday 9th June
Feeling slightly under the weather so after doing a little strimming on the pathways I use around the garden my thoughts turned to make it more comfortable in the polycrub. One thing lacking was a wifi connection and I had thought of installing a masthead unit to the house but didn't fancy working on the roof today. In the end I connected the workshop/post office 100 metres away down the garden using ethernet over the mains and then set a wifi unit up just inside the window for the last 50 metres coverage required to reach the polycrub. Success, working fine with alexa and a google home mini to talk to or get music worth listening to. Solar charge for battery and all is fine, leaving the plants to listen to the likes of Chuck Berry and Fats Domino.

Monday 8th June
Cleaned the webcam lens and set it back to the 19 shot patrol before more gardening. Coastguard helicopter made an appearance just over the garden sea wall and was just winching the winchman back on board when I came out of the polycrub to see what the noise was about. No camera down the garden and just got some very poor shots with my phone. Not sure if anyone was looking at the webcam online at the time and was thinking I should install one of the old tablets in the polycrub for viewing.
Visiting boat seen at Graemsay pier in the evening which is worrying with folk sheilding and no toilet facilities open on the island for the walkers.

Sunday 7th June
Still gardening

Saturday 6th June
Playing in the polycrub

Friday 5th June
Bad weather all day so parked webcam whilst I did a bit of tidying in the workshop.
Grandaughter Katy who had accxident in the garden last night went over to see the docter and then onto hospital where she was ttreated for a break in the lower part of her leg.

Thursday 4th June
Gardening and trying to put up a net fence to keep the hens away from the newly planted veg.

Wednesday 3rd June
Gardening most of the day

Tuesday 2nd June
Barbecue in the lighthouse garden last night with Michael and Sandra setting it all up but our table was well away and no physical contact at all between the two parties. Spent a few hours in workshop but little accomplished though I did mean to get to sorting out the webcam(s).
Whilst looking for a recently purchased and lost power plug I was suprised at how many different radio's and scanners I have here. I think I will have to decide what I should keep and the rest can go on ebay but which should I keep. The last time this question popped up I kept the lot of course.

Monday June 1st
Another beautiful day and unless there is a delivery of anything garden related I may get a chance to get some time in the workshop where there is a good few jobs to catch up on once I have tidied around a bit.. Used the old garden well hand pump to get water for the polycrub and garden then watered the garden. Back aching job.