Sunday 31st May
Another day spent in the polycrub and it was certainly a hot day.

Saturday 30th May
In the garden all day - 05:30 start - 19:00 finish
Then it was Steak & Salad plus hot chocolate with a dash of 'Southern comfort' (the only comfort I get round here of late) and early to bed

Friday 29th May
Another misty start to the day.
Working in the garden all day so no time to finish setting up the video quality of the webcam.

Thursday 28th May
Spent most of the day planting out into 20L buckets - 5 courgettes amd 16 tomatoes so far.
Misty most of the day and I should have altered the webcam view pattern to take this into consideration but didn't get round to it.

Wednesday 27th May
CCTV camera failed overnight and I cursed myself for not addressing the situation with the camera cable connections after the recent storm.
A quick check in the workshop and then it was up on the roof where it was a bit on the cool side at 06:00 with a strongish wind. After a lot of checking joints and cctv hardware it turned out to be a fault in a peice of faitly new top quality heavy duty cable inside the workshop.
Rest of the day was spent in the polycrub planting into 20litre tubs.

Tuesday 26th May
Michael & Sandra have completed the building of my Polycrub and this morning I started taking plants mostly in old feed buckets that had been growing in old cars which had been used as greenhouses.
Just checked the temperature in the polycrub at 16:30 and with the window open it was 35 degrees. Going to be a helluva job keeping the beer cool.

Monday 25th May
A nice crystal clear view for the webcam first thing this morning and will just adjust the individual camera shots before looking to doing a bit more work in the garden area

Sunday 24th May
Gardening and clearing up after last nights gales and little else done apart from Sandra sending in a home baked loaf and two puddings. Diet out of the window and it was 'where's the cheese'

Saturday 23rd May
A windy day with a good few gusts so far but supposed to get a lot worse tonight. Plays hell with the webcam and I'll be turning off the pan function when it starts to get bad.
Power cut in the evening for a while and things blowing about in the very strong gusts swirling around in the courtyard. Took a walk down to the hens and to see if everything was ok and that was me inside for the night.

Friday 22nd May
I was up at 05:30 to find a wet miserable day and no chance to get up to the webcam to apply the water repellant to the lens therefore when it's raining you'll find the webcam just pointed downwind.

Thursday 21st May
The camera pole seems more stable but there is nothing I can do for the rippling affect if there is any breeze at all. It's only really bad when zoomed well in but on a calm clear day with a magnification of 36x it gives a decent view of Stromness.
I tried a different method of connecting the camera to the server which worked fine for a while but came unstable as it warmed up so I am using a adapter which was purchased at a very reasonable price from Germany via ebay.

Wednesday 20th May
Not the best of days and spent the evening getting the webcam and site working again. It's working but not to my satisfation though if everything went well without any problems I would soon lose interest.

Tuesday 19th May
Nice and sunny this morning so I managed to get up to try another method of stabilising the camera mounting pole and now await the coming gale to test it.
Not sure about trying some of the water repellent treatment on the lens as the camera is virtually unuseable when its wet weather and often have to just leave it facing down wind. Gales are forecast from Friday evening with gusts of over 60mph by Saturday

Monday 18th May
Whilst it's raining and misty I will take the webcam offline whilst I evaluate some other hardware that's laying about here.

Sunday 17th May
Wind has died away but it's a little too wet to work on the roof, though I will be going up to take a look at the camera mounting providing there's no more heavy showers. Polycrub (greenhouse) construction is well underway though it meant Michael & Sandra working in windy and very wet conditions.
Started to adjust camera settings but its a slow job especially when it keeps raining and smearing the lens so will come back to this later as I seem to have made it worse.
Just my luck that the wind started to get back up and shake the camera mount as a seal came ashore on the rocks within camera range.
Saturday 16th May
Still too windy to get on the roof so its off to seeing to watering the plants and feeding the hens.
Setup direct feed from camera to display on a old monitor.
Problems with rain on camera lens and not sure how to address the situation. I have some bottles of windscreen cleaning liquid that is supposed to repel water droplets but not sure if it may make the situation worse.

Friday 15thg May
Still too windy and cold to get on roof to attend to the camera mounting but there is one or two things I need to do with camera which will mean taking it off line for an hour or so. Spent a fair bit of time working with a video server that may make things better if I can ever get it sorted out completely. It felt like two steps forward and just one back at the end of the day so not lookiong too bad. I find that different terminology and abbreviations being used for the same thing annoying.

Thursday 14th May
12:00 and so far so good but couldn't get much worse than yesterday - installed linux on a notebook that came close to being thrown in the bin but is now working fine. Phoned Plusnet technical this morning and had a pleasant chat with a young lady that knew straight away how to spell Graemsay, turns out we knew her mother quite well as she was a Hoy resident and had been on Graemsay a good few times.

Wednesday 13th May
The internet provider is altering settiongs for my broadband as it appears that the islands broadband intermittent faults are likely down to the IPs not having it set for the older equipment that is installed for the island.
Every job I have tackled today has been a failure - problems finding a suitable lite version of linux for an old notepad - windows 10 laptop been updating for over six hours - flat tyre - flat vehicle battery - the list goes on and on

Tuesday 12th May
I had the camera set to a ten pattern display until it became obscured with the heavy sleet/snow . I am definitley not going up there to wipe it clean.
A busy day with nothing much accomplished apart from getting a neighbours new laptop connected for her. As we are on total lock down and she herself is on shield it's been a matter of the laptop been left in her unused car for a few days then I visited armed with disposal gloves and sanitiser taking the laptop into my vehicle and driving very close to her front door so I could set it all up using her wifi. A bit overkill possibly for such a simple job but far better than risking a mick kill.

MONDAY 11th May
Now developed a cable problem with the camaera which I think is just a connection, with it being likely at the camera end. Cold and breezy up there just now so bound to be on the roof.
Checked connection on roof and it requires replacing but a permanent job will require a split water proof box. Temporary fix done.