Orkney's Green Isle

Monday 1st February
Been spending most of the time setting up the polycrub ready for getting some plants underway in a few weeks. Cutting a section of polycarbonate sheeting to make about fourteen feet of narrow shelving and fixing in place took me a day and a half, A handyman would have completed the job in less than 30 minutes. Evidently I am not really handy.
Did a little work attending to a bad connection on the webcam feed but it's just a temporary fix until a suitable waterproof connection is available, which should be later this week. Too cold on the roof to do a permanent repair today.
Webcam still requires a substantial bracket mounting. I am hoping to get round to setting up some of the fixed webcams which will be better in bad weather.
Saturday 5th
The waterproof connections have arrived but it's far too cold to work outside never mind on the roof and the weather focast is for it to get colder.